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Olio del Re ®

Olio del Re ® – a potent blend of 5 essential oils that helps the body to breathe properly. Olio del Re, Italian for “King’s Oil”, springs from the centuries-old understanding that proper breathing is a key to wellness.
Olio del Re® treats:

  • Stuffed sinuses
  • Stress
  • Headaches
  • Tension
  • Insomnia
  • Aches, pains, and bruises
  • General fatigue

ZUCCARI ® has searched worldwide for plants that can teach us to how to breathe deeply and efficiently. We’ve captured the essence of 5 unique plants to create a pure and powerful essential oil blend – plants that consistently optimize the oxygen in their challenging environments, from the highest mountain peaks to the hottest deserts. These plants have managed to thrive in the wildest of extremes. Each of the 5 essential oils in Olio del Re ® teaches your body to breathe fully and deeply – even in challenging situations – each being derived from a plant with unique ways to maximize oxygen intake in their own extreme environment.

  • Mentha arvensis is a mint variety that grows high up in the mountains. It has learned to optimize limited amounts of oxygen and thrive at high altitudes.
  • Pinus sylvestris is a pine tree that grows in a forest setting. It creates the largest surface area possible via its many leaves – equivalent to great lung capacity.
  • Melaleuca leucadendron (cajeput) has traditionally been used to heal acute breathing difficulties. Melaleuca’s fresh medicinal aroma is derived from the leaves of this special tree that flourishes in challenging climactic conditions.
  • Boswelia Carterii (incense) is a plant that thrives a hot, arid environment with oxygen-deprived pockets or “bubbles – creating precious incense in the process.
  • Commiphora Myrrha (myrrh), like incense, grows in a desert climate with oxygen-free pockets. In spite of this, Myrrh thrives, producing a valuable resin.

In response to stress, the body tightens its muscles – for protection, to stay alert, and to “strike”. The heart and diaphragm are the body’s biggest muscles. When relaxed, we breathe deeply and regularly. When stressed, we breathe shallowly and don’t supply our bodies with sufficient oxygen. Olio del Re ® relaxes, tones, refreshes, and stimulates, promoting proper breathing and wellbeing in the following ways:

Stimulates the respiratory system: Proper respiration is essential to general wellbeing. Slow and thoughtful breathing can bring us back to a balanced state. Olio del Re ® ’s outstanding ability to bring the body back to regular rhythmic breathing makes it an optimal aid for reestablishing the health of the respiratory system.
Promotes restful sleep: Sleeping peacefully replenishes the energy necessary to deal with our busy lives. When used before bedtime, Olio del Re ® helps bring about tranquil, invigorating deep sleep, a fundamental element of good health. Relaxes the muscles: Imbalances often manifest themselves at the muscular level. Pain, tension, and muscle contraction are ways in which the body communicates its discomfort. Olio del Re®, in conjunction with a good massage, relaxes tensed muscles. It helps to balance the body by soothing aching feet, stiff necks, and sore muscles.
Cares for the skin: The skin is the body’s largest, most complex organ and a vital partner in your well-being. It breathes, protects, filters, and communicates, making its care and maintenance extremely important. Olio del Re® interacts with the skin, helping restore its balance and well-being.

Olio del Re ® ─ the“Pocket Panacea”™

Olio del Re ® can be used in a number of ways:

  • Breathe it in deeply, palms cupped over the mouth and nose, after having rubbed a drop into the palms.
  • Massage it into tired muscles, diluted or undiluted, after a busy day.
  • In the bath, add several drops for aching muscles and stress reduction.
  • For a foot bath, add a few drops for a relaxing treat.
  • In nasal inhalants, for winter congestion.
  • As an oral rinse to heal mouth lesions and freshen breath.
  • In a scalp massage, to invigorate and stimulate the scalp.
  • In a diffuser, dispersing its energizing aroma.
  • In saunas, for added enjoyment.

Essential oils are not really oil – they are the liquid soul of the plant, effortlessly penetrating the skin and mucous membranes, their benefits absorbed by the body.
Olio del Re ® , an exotic blend of 5 oils extracted from rare and exotic plants, combines all of the energy and stimulating capacity of Mint, the balsamic effect of Cajeput, the magic and sacredness of Incense and Myrrh, and the spaciousness and freedom of Forest Pine. Together, they form a complete and synergistic blend that approaches optimal breathing from every angle. Olio del Re ® is so concentrated that a small container will last for 3 months or more. Only one small drop is needed for a powerful and intense effect. It can relax, tone, refresh, or stimulate, enabling us to live our lives in a peaceful and satisfied way.
It’s an olfactory oasis and perfect ally for those who occasionally need a break from hurried, stress-filled lives.


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