“I tried the ODR for my sinuses and in the bath, and loved the effect it had on me for both.”

-Linda S., 55, Goshen IN:

“I put the oil on so that I could breathe it in, because I had a headache. It opened my sinus passageways — I could breathe more easily, and my headache went away. I liked the smell, too!”

-Cathy J., 47, Sheboygan, WI

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I liked the Olio del Re. I enjoy smelling it, and it helps to open my sinuses — at the same time, it is SO relaxing. It has many great qualities, but is especially nice to rub on my skin after a warm bath. Thanks so much for introducing me to this special oil.”

-Lorena H., 60, Random Lake, WI

“We love this product! We use it for stress, tension, colds, migraine headaches, or sometimes just to relax before bedtime. The great thing about Olio Del RE is that it also perks you up if you need a boost of energy – it seems to adjust to whatever your body needs at the time! Everyone should have a bottle or two in their homes. It also makes an excellent gift for any occasion.”

-Janet & Stewart Swerdlow, St. Joseph Michigan

“Olio Del Rey helps me with the Spring and Fall allergy seasons. It stops the pollen from becoming an eye irritant and relieves that itchy feeling that these times of the year warrant. It also clears the sinus and revives with its own revitalizing energies throughout the year!”

– Joan, Alpharetta GA

“I will admit that with all of the traveling that I did in one weekend, I was pretty exhausted when I arrived to visit family and friends last October. I was led to where Olio Del Rey was being sold, and was amazed at the instant energetic boost that I felt, not to mention that I was suddenly breathing a wonderful peppermint smell that cleansed my sinuses throughout!

This was truly a one stop shopping bottle of precious drops for many occasions. I have allergies as well, and this product is already doing a great job for me!”


“After 25 years of taking anti-inflammatory medication I developed kidney problems, and had to stop using any kind of arthritis medication.
Three days later I was in so much pain I could not sleep.
My wife massaged my neck and shoulders with Olio del RE. After two applications I could sleep again, Thank You “Olio del RE!”

-James Skaggs, Ohio

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