ZUCCARI's scientific department has succeded in reviving past traditions with due respect and awareness with an extremely modern approach by giving them new drive and greater visibility. Thermolase is the result of this revival.

The texture of Thermolase is like the ointments and preparations of the past, but it has been specially developed so that it does not leave a greasy film and is easy to apply. In this way Thermolase is ideal for rubbing into painful areas. In addition to generating a pleasantly warm sensation, the thermogenic effect improves the penetration of the active constituents into the epidermis and as a consequence the muscular system relaxes.

When the tube is opened, the intense characteristic perfume confirms the absolute naturalnessof the product and the use of plants that are dear to tradition: arnica montana, devil's claw and aloe are only a few of the 14 selected components that give life to a superior quality product. Among these is also glucosamine sulphate, chondroition sulphate and MSM that play an important role in effectively protecting the cartilage and aiding recovery of articular mobility.

Namely, ZUCCARI laboratories has focused on studying the interaction among the 14 components so that each dose is adapted to interact with the others in the possible way.

This is why Thermolase cream is the topical dermocosmetic that becomes a valuable ally when there is:
  •   joint pain
  •   muscular pain
  •   rheumatic pain

The thermogenic effect
Thermolase's particular formula has been designed to favour vasodilation. This leads to an increase in the blood temperature, this vasodilating property produces a pleasant warm sensation. Therefore, thanks to the thermal effect, there is a considerable reduction in muscular tension (spasm) and a sense of relief.

Apply Thermolase on the area concerned, rubbing it in until it has been completely absorbed. Repeat the treatment at least two times a day or when needed. It does not leave the skin greasy, but perfectly soft and dry.