PAPA.YA 5000



ZUCCARI Research and Development Department adopted a double strategy to strengthen papa.ya positive effects, combining its 100% pure fermented papaya pulp with a cocktail of highly concentrated natural antioxidants.
The result is papa.ya 5000, the best solution modern technology can provide to fight effectively oxidative stress. A sachet and a tablet a day can help controlling the formation of free radicals responsible for cellular aging.

The anti-oxidant capacity is expressed in ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity). It shows the capacity of whichever substance to absorb the oxygen reactive species (ROS), i.e. to inhibit free radicals responsible for damaging cells and for cellular aging. Recent scientific researches supported by the America Government, show how 5000 ORAC each day effectively fight oxidative stress caused by factors such as dismetabolisms, poor or bad eating habits or simply by the body┬┤s inefficiency.

Take a tablet and a sachet a day, before having breakfast. papa.ya powder can be swallowed directly under the tongue or dissolved in a glass of water. 5000 ORAC tablet can be swallowed with water or with your favourite drink