The immune system helps our body to defend itself from all possible bacterial attacks, inside and out: as you get older, it looses its effectiveness.  For this precise reason it is important to have a product like papa.ya that on the one hand helps you to effectively combat the free radicals (DIRECT ACTION) and on the other stimulates your immune system to become more active (SYSTEMIC ACTION).
In fact, plants and particularly papaya play an extremely important role in stimulating this system. Therefore, one sachet of papa.ya consisting of pure fermented and atomized papaya pulp extract contributes to the body┬┤s well-being, favouring its normal functions and providing an additional boost of energy.

Swallow the papa.ya powder directly from the sachet or dissolve it in a glass of water and drink it.

papa.ya box contains 30 x 3g sachets of 100% pure fermented papaya.