ZUCCARI'S Scientific Departement has developed this innovative formula whose cosmetic technology is undoubtedly projected towards the future.

The product is a sui generis gel that is completely different from what we have seen on the market to date. Its texture produces a "crackling" sensation that is pleasant and effervescent upon application, leaving the skin soft and not all greasy. The cryogenic effect reduces possible traumas very quickly, favouring the immediate action of the active constituents.

The bang fresh technology is not just a pubblicity stunt. Thanks to the particular characteristic of the gas inside the can, the active constituents are conveyed to the epidermis in the best possible way, optimising absorption.

This extraordinary new impulse could not have come from a more genuine and natural source. For this reason, 14 plant components have been selected for kryolase too, so as to offer the most demanding consumer a product that is able to guarantee effectiveness and quality at the same time.

Thanks to its peculiar characteristics, kryolase notwithstanding it cannot substitute specific drugs, is an excellent"first aid" in case of:
  • pulled muscles
  • bruises
  • inflammations 
The bang fresh technology
The particular  mix of gases has the particular property of "bolling" at very low temperatures.
So when it is applied, the gas combines with the blend of active constituents and by massaging kryolase into the area to treated you get a pleasant fresh and effervescent sense of wellbeing. A particular technique that allows to optimise and mantain the beneficial properties of the natural components for longer. It allows a better penetration in the epidermis and leaves the skin perfectly dry and soft.

Shake well before use. Spray kryolase on the area to be treated at a distance of about 15 cm and rub it in until it has been completely absorbed. Repeat the treatment at least twice a day or when needed. It does not leave the skin greasy, but perfectly soft and dry.