Improves the process of absorption of Aloe by the body, thanks to the synergetic action of honey and brandy. During the first period of Aloe juice consumption the slight cyto-toxic effect of the polysaccharides stimulates a defence mechanism which reduces by 50% product effectiveness. In the subsequent weeks, the body better responds to Aloe’s healing properties and, after a month, absorbs it completely. Aloetalent OFM is a necessary precursor for those intending to use any Aloe nutritional supplement, shortening to a minimum the process described above.

  • Aloe arborescens;
  • 0% added water;
  • preparatory;
  • nourishing;
  • increased effectiveness;
  • non-pasteurised product;
  • maximum protection of constituents integrity.

Recommended to take 50ml in the morning, on an empty stomach, or before going to bed. Take pure or dilute in your favourite drink. Dosage can be doubled if appropriate. Keep the bottle in an appropriate place. After opening, keep in the fridge and consume within 30 days.