A true multi-action mouthwash.
aloekeep white is an absolute novelty in the world of mouthwashes. It is the first product of its kind not to contain a single drop of added water* in its formula, as it has been completely replaced with pure Aloe vera juice. aloekeep white is a concentrated mixture of genuine active principles, wisely blended to give life to a successful combination that has a 360o action on the well-being of the mouth. It helps preserve the natural whiteness of the teeth, gives a long-lasting feeling of fresh breath and ensures excellent protection against cavities, plaque and tartar. All with particular care for sensitive teeth and gums.

THE aloekeep white contains THREE DISTINCTIVE ELEMENTS

  • No added water: following the best ZUCCARI tradition, added water has been completely eliminated and replaced with pure Aloe vera, which therefore plays a double role: that of solvent (i.e. the liquid in which product ingredients are dissolved) and that of a veritable active principle, with all its soothing, healing and skin regenerating properties.
  • No alcohol: alcohol is present in many mouthwash formulas thanks to its disinfecting and antibacterial properties. Its action, however, also has effects on the mucosae, which might suffer damage in the long run. In aloekeep white we have employed non-aggressive active principles, which can mime the disinfecting and bacteriostatic action of alcohol without causing problems of hypersensitization in the mouth.
  • No fluoride: up to a few years ago, it was believed that fluoride must absolutely be part of our everyday diet in order to protect our teeth, in particular where children were considered. In the past years, however, a few studies have been carried out that doubted the validity of this belief by showing that fluoride might even be harmful for teeth enamel, which, once saturated with fluoride, may become more vulnerable to friction and erosion.