Olio del Re is a unique mixture of essential oils, from rare and exotic plants.
This amazing formula combines all of the energy and stimulating capacity of Mint, the balsamic effect of Cajeput, the magic and sacredness of Incense and Myrrh, and the spaciousness and freedom of Forest Pine. Olio del Re relaxes, tones, refreshes, and stimulates, enabling us to live our lives in a peaceful and satisfied way.

Stimulates the respiratory system: an optimal aid for reestablishing the health of the respiratory system.
Conducive to sleep: used before bedtime, will help achieve a tranquil and invigorating deep sleep, a necessary element for building good health.
Relaxes the muscles: used in conjunction with a good massage, is able to soothe muscolar . It extends, relaxes, and balances the body. Feet that are tired after a long day, a neck that is stiff from stress, and an aching back can all be alleviated with a dose of Olio del Re.
Takes care of the skin: Olio del Re is able to dialogue with the skin, helping it to maintain its equilibrium and, in doing so, maintain daily health.

  • Just breathing it in deeply, palms cupped over the mouth and nose, after having rubbed a drop into the palms.
  • Massaging it into tired muscles, diluted or undiluted, after a busy day.
  • Adding several drops into the bath, for a refreshing treat.
  • Using it in nasal inhalants, for winter congestion.
  • In a scalp massage, to invigorate and stimulate the scalp.
  • In a diffuser, dispersing its energizing aroma.
  • In saunas, for added enjoyment.